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Basic Patterns - an Online Course

Basic Patterns is a series of 10 modules and 24 lessons, that walk you through the pattern step by step so that you can work with them with confidence. Each lesson is packed with explanations to demystify common confusions to help you maximize a pattern, especially its size and its fit. This course is comprehensive and in-depth, with lessons that will teach you how to:
Choose the right pattern for your project
How to take your measurements
How to size your pattern
How to choose the right fabric and notions for your project
Interfacing and how to use it
How to read a pattern, its symbols and its legend
The core concepts of grainline and fold line
Principles for pattern layout
Principles for cutting out your pattern
How to fit your pattern
And so much more!

I also have included a modules on fabric selection, knitwear patterns vs woven fabric patterns, how to prepare your fabric before you cut it. And I created a special advanced module to teach you how the pattern will fit, and troubleshoot common fitting pitfalls that lead to major disappointment in the beginning. These lessons are core issues that I’ve seen many students face and I’ve worked hard to explain and demystify these problems before they start causing set backs for you in your sewing practice.

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